Bible Courses

What style of learning do you prefer? Do you like to be with a group of people to hear and discuss interactively? Or do you like to figure things out on your own following a structured guide? Whatever it is, we can provide for your needs with a variety of Bible-based activities and courses.

Our current course offerings are listed below. If you’d like to participate in any of them, we simply ask that you register, unless otherwise noted.


Distance Learning Bible Study

Correspondence course by mail

Can’t make it to regular classes? No problem! We have two correspondence courses available which operate via regular mail.

  • God’s Master Plan –  an 8 lesson course which introduces you to the good news of God’s Master Plan contained in the Bible. It explores the faith and obedience that God requires from those wanting to share in his wonderful plan for the earth.
  • Learning about your Bible – a comprehensive 14 lesson course which helps you understand the Bible. In particular you can discover God’s offer of salvation and how you can access it.

Exploring the Bible for yourself is an exciting adventure – these courses can help you tremendously in your journey of discovery! And a tutor allocated to you personally is available to help with any questions and stumbling blocks that may arise.


New Life Class



Course runs:



Subject: God & You through Jesus

At present, we are studying God’s plan for the way we can approach God through his son Jesus. These classes are suitable for both adults and teenagers. They are held on Sundays at the same time as our Sunday School program for primary school children. So your children can have fun doing Bible-based activities while you enjoy your own Bible education.

There is no need to enrol in these classes – just come along and join in. Tea and coffee are available before each class, and you are welcome to stay for lunch after the class (find out if lunch is on).