About Us

At the Dandenong Christadelphians we aim to provide a welcoming atmosphere, a place where you can feel comfortable learning about the Bible. We have recently left Dandenong where we were operating the Dandenong Bible Education Centre and moved to our current location at Heritage College in The Basin, at the foot of Mt Dandenong.

Our objective is still to provide Bible-based education to you who still seek Bible Truth in this increasingly secular, atheistic and Godless world. We haven’t forgotten you, but we will be providing for your needs in a different way with a new focus.

We are part of the world-wide Christadelphian community, people who love to study the Bible and find out the true teachings of God’s Word, yet with a common understanding that binds us in fellowship. And we welcome you to join us to find out for yourself what a joy the Bible is to learn from, and what blessings it has for your everyday life.

To assist with your own Bible understanding, we offer:

  • Short Bible courses suitable for everyone
  • Regular Bible Study classes
  • Sunday School for children
  • Bible resources & study aids on this website
  • Free literature for you to take home and read

We look forward to having you join us!